Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting ready for TDY next week

This is a cool picture of the inside of a C-17. I flew in one of these from Ali Al Salem Kuwait to BIAP (Baghdad airport). These are a little nicer than the older C-130s. I found this picture on a Navy site. I did not take pictures the last time I flew. So next week I fly out to my new assignment in Tallil or FOB Echo. This is a link to a website that explains all the Military Bases in Iraq. A FOB in just another name for a Base (Forward Operating Base) Here is are some good maps of FOBs in Iraq. So this week is about getting ready to leave on the 25th.


Wife said...

where are you today

Kathy said...

Okay we are trying to get these computer illiterates to get signed up on a google account,,,,,,wow this is work!!!