Friday, September 12, 2008

A needed day off

I had the day off from work today. Not that there is much to do, but being new helps. There is really no way to go outside the wire. The only way out is through the Baghdad International Air Port better known as BIAP. I took some picture of just my surroundings today. Click on this link to see more pictures. This is my trailer, better known as my hooch. I share one of these rooms with Matt my roommate. Today I slept in and went and got coffee at the Green Bean. I did my workout looked at the shops and got my laundry. We get free laundry service at Victory. It will most likely not be as nice at Tallil but similar. Most people try to get into a routine with their days to make the time go by faster. I am still trying to find my routine and get used to everything. A standard work day is 12 hours long and 6 days a week. The work helps the time go by. I have been working out in the gym every other day. The people here say you can go two ways. You can either bench press 250 lbs when leave or you can weigh 250 lbs when you leave. I think I will try to keep working out.


Dean said...

It good to hear from you, I guess we will have to send you a care package with a pink flamingo.
What are the white marks on the wall in your hooch? Is that how the last inmate kept track of the time left on his sentence?
The bee hive looks like a purple martin house, or a giant size Ker Plunk board game.

aubuchonz said...

I guess the previous occupant had some taped to the wall. Some of it looks like tape,

aubuchonz said...

I don't really have room for allot of stuff. I am not asking for care packages. The point I was making was the rooms are small and can fill up quickly. I don't need much to get by. My needs are being met. Thanks for wanting to send me a package with pink flamigos

Kathy said...

Nice pictures but I don't really want to go there for vacation! I agree those white tape marks on the wall look suspicious. I suppose it's okay to send you food/cookie/candy stuff right? It won't sit in the boxes long! And what is up with that picture Dean is using? Dean you need to center the picture and watch that background! didn't Dad teach you anything about taking pictures?????? Take care Randy. Look forward to hearing from you again soon. We are about to get pounded by Hurricane Ike with storms, wind and up to 6 inches of rain!! Kathy