Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tallil and I finally have internet

This the Zigurrat which is right outside of Tallil / Adder airbase. It is the supposed birth place of Father Abraham. The Zigurrat is off limits to all Tallil personel. I heard there was some defacement to the monument. I guess everyone wants to write joe's been here and crap like that. I will try to get over there. but we will have to see.It is hotter and dustier in southern Iraq. There are many army soldiers and there is a Air Force Base here too. The Romanians have a base here too, its called Fort Dracula. I will sent some pictures. I had some shirts stolen from the laundry. I then started taking to the laundry drop and they lost my pants. I going to be down to my underware soon. I guess thats life in the big city. I have to watch my laundry closer.


Kathy said...

Don't worry they won't want ur underwear!! I think we all know why!!!

Dean said...

kathy must still be inspector #12

randy said...

Great to hear from you! And I thought it was hot in Alabama. At least we have humidity!! Keep safe, we have you in our prayers. From the other Randy--Harris

weavermx2 said...


I have enjoyed reading your blog. I have subscribed to your blog google reader. Great photos and good stories. Your hooch looks really small. I am not sure that I could sleep in there. Claustrphobic you know!
I was at Kyles comfirmation he was very relaxed as he did his reading. He read very well.
Trees are turning color here.
Looking forward to reading your blog.