Friday, August 29, 2008

Yet another day in the Kuwaiti sun

We did a little site seeing today. The DRS guys took us by the Kuwaiti towers for some Jet Sking. It was nice and hot, the sand was nuclear. I saw lots of bait fish and mullet cruising around. Check out my pictures I have a hard life in Kuwait. Today, I thought it was my last day in Kuwait City and I was off to Ali Al Salem. Well, it seems I don't have the new type of orders and the military is requiring them starting today. So no love for me and going to Baghdad. If this keeps up I will have to rename my blog. I emailed my PM today about my situation. I asked to fly commercial to Baghdad and they said to talk to Rick. Breakfast tomorrow at 0700 and we will see what tomorrow brings.


Kathy said...

looks like a hard life there! Is that haze or air pollution from the oil fields?? Don't forget your sun screen....Kathy

aubuchonz said...

I guess it is just haze, maybe pollution.