Sunday, August 24, 2008

Flight into Kuwait

I decided to start a blog about my year working in Iraq. I left CRC Fort Benning on August 22nd and drove to Atlanta and flew to JFK in New York. Well, our plane was late leaving Atlanta and once arriving in JFK I was running around trying to find Kuwait Airlines. Kuwait airlines don’t really give seats or gate information; you get to figure it out when you get there. My ticket from Delta said seat assigned at gate, which was not correct. You have to go to another terminal go to the ticket counter and get a paper ticket. Then it’s back though security and to the gate. I make the flight in a lather and counted my blessings. I get on the Plane and I am next to the window. A man sitting in my row asks me if I could swap seats with a aisle seat in the front next to the bulkhead. I agreed and sat in the baby row, the bulkhead is used for baby beds in flight. I had babies on both sides but I could stretch my feet out in the aisle. I was happy to get this seat. I put on my noise reducing head phones and mp3 and slept. I arrived at 4:00 pm Kuwait time and no surprise my luggage did not make it. I filled out the missing luggage report and Andy from DRS picked me up and took me to the DRS apartments. The DRS apartments are very nice. The DRS guys took me to a Lebanese Restaurant and we heard stories of the Jersey shore all night. Andy says he knows my friend Doug Verduin from Jersey. Today’s adventure is getting my luggage from the Kuwait Airport. Check out the rest of my pictures at I am out ya'll.

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