Thursday, August 28, 2008

What was lost in now found

Well,my luggage showed up today. Rick took me over to the Kuwait airport's cargo dock and low and behold my luggage was there. That was early in the morning and then we went to shopping for Rick's fiances family gift. We went to the Friday market over by Lu Lu's Hyper Market. Its was a huge outdoor flea market and it was Kuwaiti hot. They also have a livestock selling area and we checked that out for awhile. Then it was back to the DRS apartments and time for a pool break. I am going onto my next adventure, which is Ali Al Salem airbase and getting a military air flight to Baghdad. Once you get to Ali Al Salem you turn in your passport to be stamped out of the country. Of course, this is Kuwait so u wait for up the 48 hours for that. I am hoping I won't be there that long. While you wait you get a cot at transit tent which from what I hear is filthy dirty. One of the guys here said to go to the PX and buy some linen to throw over the dirt. Well tomorrow we get to do some site seeing before going to Ali.

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Kathy said...

Nice!! Glad you have your armor now!! Watch out for bed bugs...ewww