Monday, August 25, 2008

I have a Baggage problem

Well I went to the Kuwait Airport today at 15:00 to try and get my luggage. I have a luggage report on my missing bags. Kuwait airlines says my bags are coming in on the 7:45 flight from JFK. At 9:00 they said they have one bag and I can claim it at cargo on Monday morning between 9 and 10. So tomorrow's adventure is claiming my one bag and I am hoping its my clothes and such. If not I am going shopping tomorrow. What ever money Intecon saved on me going Kuwait Airlines they will lose now with me being in Kuwait for three days.


Erica B said...

Hey Randy....this is Cousin Eunice. Didn't know you were leaving!!!! When the heck was the going away party?????!!!!! Be safe and keep us posted!!

Love ya!

Kathy said...

oh yeah!! forgot to tell you I forwarded your blog address to Eunice, Danelle and Renetta! Bummer about your luggage but surroundings don't look too bad!
Love ya, Kathy