Friday, March 6, 2009

Under the Rino bus

Well it was ground hog day at camp victory everyday for a long time and one day it suddenly change. I came in in work and was told I was going to the IZ (International Zone) but they did not know when. Well the plans changed and I came in the next day at 7pm and they said you are leaving for the IZ midday the next day. So that night I backup my computer profile and went home and packed up my hooch and now I am at FOB union. When they gave back the palace in the IZ everyone that was working there had to move somewhere. That somewhere is FOB union. One of my coworkers Ed said he didn't want to go so I got to go. That is how I got under the Rino Bus. The Rino above is troop transport convoy style to the IZ. Its an armoured bus and it travels with other troops in MRAPs. It does not take long and your there. My guess is I will have more to blog about now. Fob union is close to the new Iraq embassy. My department is still trying to find a suitable place to setup a new office. Tina the deal maker is working at getting us a place in FOB Prosperity so hopefully we are getting a place today or tomorrow.

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kwreece57 said...

Looks like Metro Link. Just kidding. Be safe!!!!!!!!!!