Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nuri Al-Maliki

This is Nuri Al-Maliki he is the current prime minister of Iraq the one on the left. For the most part, a deceit guy. His party is called the Islamic Dawa Party. Which earlier in the month had some candidates killed in Basrah. Read about it here
Nuri is not running for reelection he is trying to keep his job by getting some of his party members elected. Iraq has a Parliamentary system and Nuri can be voted out by a vote of no confidence. His party is secular, which means it believes in the separation of church and state. If the guy beside him Muqtada Sadr can get enough seats in Parliament Nuri days are numbered.

The election violence has been getting worse each day. Three Sunni canidates were killed this week. Read about it here

The Sunnis will at least try to get elected this time around in 2005 they boycotted the elections. There will be bad blood if they do not get elected. (and then some) Some have speculated about an alliance between Kurds, Sunni and Dawa Party. To take on the Shiites majority. The election last time in 2005 started wars between all the ethnic groups. The elections process always seem to redress the conflicts here in Iraq. I think the fears are the same as they were in 2005. The election result will tell the tale of when it will be possible for the US to withdraw. I have not seen any changes here at Victory and I think everyone is waiting for the outcome of this election. I am out Y'all.

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