Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FOB Prosperity

Well this first Picture is the stairs at the Palace at FOB Prosperity. There are 100 stairs to my office on the third floor. Three of us moved our office to the third floor. Its a nice View from up there, but I would not want to do it again. The Palace is bombed out and there are allot of tiles loose. The bottom of the stairs there is a little library. I think it should be a Hard Hat area.

This a relief in the Palace it shows the US forces bombing babies. There is another relief next to it that is covered up because, I am told its too offensive to the soldiers,

This Picture show the roof of the Palace and not much left. Prosperity is tactical and there are some tanks around.

There is a soccer field in front of the palace. My office is on the right high balcony above the two smaller windows. The floor directly below us is wiped out. I will post some pictures of the view from the balcony.


Dean said...

glad to hear your back. looking forward to more pictures. is this palace with the big Hussein heads?

aubuchonz said...

Yes there are some bust of Saddam on the ground. I was told one was dismantled and shipped back to an army base in the US. One has the top of his head gone.