Saturday, November 15, 2008

This is the new MRAP

This is the new MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) the army is driving and it is huge. Pronounced emrap. The flag looking thing on the front is a warlock and when in use it's all the way down and sticking out in the front of the vehicle. Its a radio jammer to stop the insurgents from using electronics to set off an IED. Most of the guys I talk to say they drive as fast as possible and in the middle of the rode. I am doing fine at Camp victory and I am starting to get used to my 12 hour night shift. I am getting whiter and whiter everyday. I am going to look like a cave fish the next time y'all see me. Send me all your deer hunting stories, so I can at least get in a little deer hunting.


Anonymous said...

Deer hunting? In MO, deer hunts you!

The Prius may have been totalled yesterday. My sis was on the way to work at 2:30 am and hit a 10-point buck right in the middle of highway 50.

She is fine, but buck didn't make it. Now we have to wait to see how the prius does...

Anonymous said...

The Flag looking thing on the front is not the warlock system. Its a Rhino. ...and it does not jam anything. It is a heat source to trigger an IED's. When the rhino is down, it sits about 4 feet infront of the vehicle triggering any heat sensitive IED. It is 100 times safer for an IED to explode in front rather than underneath. Another little bit of info for ya. The warlock sits in the back of the MRAP. On the left side to be exact and it does jam signals.