Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beware of Sexual Assult

This warning is in all the bathrooms and shower trailers. I hear people talk about it at the office. I over heard a rumor that some contractor was caring a big knife because he heard some guy got raped. I think there is little to worry about here. I could be wrong, but I feel safe and I work nights.

I think the sign is funny because it says to carry a flashlight. I don't think that is going to stop anything. The buddy system seems a little suspect to. Hey roommate, can you go to the bathroom with me? Hey roommate can you go to the shower with me? I think they would just say no. I am doing OK, I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving.


Kathy said...

Wow!! That's kinda creepy! Sounds like prison, maybe you oughta think about makin' a break for it!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving! We will miss you! Love ya Kathy

KAuB said...

raindoof i dont think i would like to see a sign like that forget the fashlight carry brassknuckles

AliciaA said...

Throw the flashlight at them!