Friday, December 19, 2008

The bottom of my shoe to you

In this part of the world showing someone the bottom of your shoes is an insult. You have to be careful how you sit in public. If you cross your legs you should not show you shoe sole to anyone. So when the Iraqi journalist threw the shoe at Bush is was sort of a big insult in a middle eastern way. It has also made the shoe thrower a hero and celebrity in the Muslim world.

The people of Iraq are going to be voting on the new security agreement at the end of January. So hopefully that will go through. There is already talk of troops staying in the cities past the agreed on date of June 30th. They say its to advise and train the Iraqi police. I don't think the people above are going to like that very much and could possibly vote down the security agreement now known as SOFA in January. There are political changes on the horizon for Iraq and the next few months will tell if the new government can handle it.

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